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Spinning wheels


I used a Louet for my spinning lesson a few weeks ago and rented it. I’ve been spinning up a storm and really like spinning.

Today, I borrowed a Ashford Traditional double drive wheel from a friend with the idea I may buy it from her.

I am back to square one! I can’t coordinate hands and feet! It’s like I have never spun at all! I know it’s a matter of time before it just clicks – at least I hope so.

The Louet now seems just so nice and easy. May I ask my spinner friends out there what they use and what they recommend? What was your first wheel and do you still have it?

10 thoughts on “Spinning wheels

  1. I have an Ashford Traditional – which coincidentally is what I learned on!

    Happy Spinning

  2. p.s. I also still have only this 1 wheel – unlike looms which seem to be multiplying around me!

  3. I have two treadles on an Ashford – forgot what it’s called – the upright one – the traveller. Two treadles was the only way I could possibly spin, though now that I have two treadles, sometimes I spin using just one foot. That is, if I ever spin. Which is not often.

  4. My first wheel was a Babe, made from a wheel chair wheel and PVC pipe! If you can afford the real thing though, I wouldn’t recommend it.

    I have two wheels. I bought a single treadle DD Ashford Traditional after extensive research. Not being an upright wheel like the Louet may be throwing you a bit, but you will get used to it. I got the Traddy because it has upgrade kits to cover almost every kind of spinning I would ever wish to do. I should also mention that I always use it set up Scotch tension, and if I had to buy it again, would save the money and just get ST to begin with.

    Then I bought a Kromski Minstrel. It’s upright, double drive, and double treadle. This one I do use DD and actually it’s the wheel I use most. When I go back to the Traddy, I now realize that it’s stiffer to treadle.

    It’s great that you can try different wheels! I know that the Louet is very popular around here, but I think if I could only have one, I’d go with a Kromski.

  5. Hi!

    My first wheel was a Ashford Kiwi….I liked it because of the double treadle and it was easy to use. I spun a LOT of alpaca on that wheel and it now lives at my friends house and she occasionally uses it.

    My second, and most current wheel, is my Kromski Minstrel. I think this wheel was MADE for me and I’m not quite sure if I would ever purchase another wheel. It too is a double treadle but, also a double drive wheel which is convertable to scotch tension….a nice little perk. The price was right and I got a chance to try it out before I purchased it …… boy oh boy was it smooth!

    The only suggestion that I would make is see if there are other people at your guild that would let you try their wheel. That could really help in making your decision.

    Good luck!

  6. I learned on and still have and use an Ashford traditional double drive, using its scotch tension mode. Double drive spinning was harder so I stepped up to that. I have never spun on a Louet but I hear they take up the yarn differently.

    I also have a Majacraft Suzie Pro Alpaca which I use more often because the bobbins are larger and it has 2 treadles making it easier to treadle.

    Have fun!

  7. My first wheel is an Ashford Traveller, single treadle scotch tension. It’s an older wheel I got off of eBay when I finally found one where the price was right. Probably next month, it will go to a new home–a lady who is just getting into wheel spinning. At the moment, my most used wheel is my Kromski Sonata, but I’m planning on adding a Kromski Mazurka to the house soon. I’ve discovered that I just prefer castle type wheels, and in the evening, after the toddler goes to bed, I want to sit on the sofa and spin, but can’t use a double treadle on the sofa. Plus I want to learn how to use a double drive, so I *need* a Mazurka. 😉

  8. wow, Susan..what a great response..I think we need to look into the Kromski Mazurka vs Sonata. Now that they say the Louet takes up the yarn differently we really should experience what they are talking about by finding other wheels to spin on first. patience? lovemeredith(susan’s sister)

  9. Your blue skein looks like mine!!!!

  10. i have a Schacht LadyBug and love it–it’s smooth, quiet, and cute.

    if you want a comparison of a bunch of wheels though, you should check out this blog–the writer has owned quite a few:

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