My journey into the world of weaving

I am honored!

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Leigh has honored me with this award:


I must do two things:
1. I must list my five addictions
2. I must pass this on to 5 fabulous blogs

My addictions, in no particular order, are:
dogs (specifically border collies)
I wonder what my addictions were before weaving etc? Definitely the last two!

I think every blog I visit is fabulous but here are 5 I do frequent, again in no particular order:
Deep End of the Loom
Funny Farm
Talking about weaving
I am honored to get this from Leigh as I most certainly do regard her blog as FABULOUS!

One thought on “I am honored!

  1. Border collies, yay. I have a few friends who are mad about that breed – a very popular one here in NZ, I might add.

    Thanks for the accolade, too.

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