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Spinning update

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I have rented an Ashford Kiwi. It’s actually a brand new wheel; I am the first to rent it! It needs a little oiling but is working fine. I spun up some mohair wool blend and that seemed to go smoothly. Now I’ve got some alpaca marino which is a little more troublesome. Very slippery.
And having to use threader is a little tiresome but easy enough. It is double treadles which actually hasn’t been too difficult to adjust to.

At the shop, I tried the Schacht Ladybug and liked that. But I couldn’t rent that one.

I think the Kiwi and I will become friends. It’s very compact and sturdy. And it does treadle smoothly.

One thought on “Spinning update

  1. One of the fascinating things about spinning is how different the various fibers behave on the wheel. Merino is very slippery, but with alpaca will be a wonderful yarn! I haven’t tried that blend before, but now I’ll have to.

    So nice you get to sample some different wheels, too.

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