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Spinning along


The Kiwi is working better for me. But I think I am realizing I do want bigger bobbins. I also think I don’t like fussing with the threading hook. Or having to take the tension off the bobbin in order to remove the bobbin! I am looking at a Louet Julia which seems to have what I want. Anyone have one of those?

I did run into a frustrating problem with the Kiwi. It’s brand new so I am breaking it in. This includes the bobbins. So when I began to ply last night, the fiber kept getting caught by the rims which were very rough in spots. They are smooth now after a bit of sanding. Plying should go better now. I got 40 yards and wonder if I could have put more on the bobbin? It looked like I could but I just got frustrated with the bobbin!

Have I said how much I like spinning?

2 thoughts on “Spinning along

  1. It is interesting to read about this. Non-spinners may not realize how much difference there is with different wheels, but there really is. You will find your perfect wheel yet!

  2. I am so glad to have found your blog, and will surely be back to follow your adventures on your Kiwi… and everything else. I spin on a Rick Reeves now, but began on a Louet. I loved it, but found the brake systm was making it hard to spin as finely as I wanted. I am not sure that would be true now, but I have been spinning alot more.

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