My journey into the world of weaving

“Wedgewood” placemats begun


I have finished the first placemat. I am still weaving a huck pattern but have changed the total pattern from the last set. I am weaving blocks of the huck, alternating with the tabby.


The weaving is very smooth thus far! and enjoyable with this pattern twist. It is interesting to weave!

My husband just looked at the loom and said – I thought you were weaving a rug!

The rug is coming, I promise. I’m still pondering and musing and calculating.

4 thoughts on ““Wedgewood” placemats begun

  1. Hi, Susan! Just saw your note on WeaveZine and had to come take a look. I can see why Leigh gave you the Blog award – I’ll definitely be a regular. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Janet! i just added you to my Reader!

  3. You have been really busy! (I love the blue)

  4. Thanks, Leigh! I finished the second one. I do like the way they are turning out. I have also begun the warp for the rug!

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