My journey into the world of weaving

Placemats complete; rug begun


The Wedgewood placemats are complete – washed, hemmed, ironed, labelled, and tucked away. They all ended up 13 by 19 except for one which was 18 inches in length. Not sure what happened there.


I have finished beaming the rug warp and have begun threading the heddles. That is easy – plain weave.


Of course no sooner shall I say that but I am sure to make a mistake!

Sleying should be straightforward as well – one end per dent. Then the fun begins with figuring out patterns with the weft! I think this will be a whimsical rug – color leading me.

3 thoughts on “Placemats complete; rug begun

  1. How lovely – huck lace really makes for a show placemat. You must be stoked! Can’t wait to see the rug…

  2. Isn’t there always one that ends up the odd size. That happens to me with towels. Anyway, they are wonderful.

  3. Thank you both! Now on with the rug which is already challenging me but I am up to it!

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