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Rug readjustment

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I got the loom dressed. I sleyed one end per dent in a 10 inch reed. I tied on and checked tension. Then I began to weave. And it just didn’t look right to me. I’ve never woven a rug before but I know what they should look like! The warp was showing too much.

I tried wefts of different thicknesses with what I have on hand. So with the 3/2 Pearl Cotton, I used 6 ends in a pick. With the Peace Fleece, 3. Not quite right. The only thing that looked good and seemed right was using the rags!

So I pondered, I studied the books and Handwovens I have, I looked around on the net, and I had a couple of conversations. The last one was with Michael at Halcyon – he is their weaver consultant and teacher and is available as support every Wednesday, 1-6. I called him, he was busy but he called me back very promptly.

I described my situation and he was able to pin point immediately where change had to happen. Basically, I need to resley so my sett is more like 5 or 7. I have to figure that out. I think I will purchase the rug yarn (3 ply wool). So all is not lost – I just have to think out the steps.

So more on this as I figure it out!

Then again, I may just keep the warp and learn how to bubble my weft!

One thought on “Rug readjustment

  1. And you need to beat very very hard. A weighted beater is helpful here, but if you don’t have one, double-beat using as much force and arm strength as you can muster.

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