My journey into the world of weaving

Still readjusting

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I purchased some 3 ply wool rug yarn and I did end up resleying every other dent but with 2 ends. I have woven just an inch or two. I know someone told me not to judge the work until after a couple of inches. But. It’s not looking like I want it to. I will weave a few more inches to see.

If it still doesn’t do what I want, and it’s probably because of the double sleying and thus a thick warp, I may do some serious readjustment. I have to consider how much I want this rug to look like I want it to! And think if such a serious move would actually result in that.

It is after all going to be on the floor far away from the discerning eye!

One thought on “Still readjusting

  1. i find rug-weaving a lot harder than regular fabric weaving. i don’t know if it’s just because i’ve only made one big rug, but i do consistenly have fairly uneven tension and really indrawn selvedges, whereas my fabric always seems to weave up happy and even.

    it’s a pain cos it costs so much more in wool to make a rug so it’s more difficult to bring oneself to experiment with £20 worth of wool than it is with £2 worh

    looking forward to see how you get on

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