My journey into the world of weaving

20 inches later

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I ended up doubling up the 3 ply and that seems to lead to a better result. I’m also throwing in a few picks here and there of rags!

I’ve had trouble with the tension. The outer ends on the right side are still a touch loose despite tying and retying. So I’m sticking in a stick to tighten up those ends. Have to move that stick every time I wind the warp but that’s ok.

So I am weaving a rug. It ain’t perfect but it’s somewhat pretty. I like the colors which I realize I haven’t displayed here but now I have.


Maybe I will even take a progress picture – just be kind to me.


I am beating as hard as I have ever beat and I’m playing more and more with the weft before doing so. That is, I am bubbling the weft and learning how to do that so it doesn’t look really spastic.

I’m surprised that I am not tearing out my hair! Lots of readjustment but I am weaving. And then it will be done and off the loom and next project. Which. will. not. be. a. rug!

One thought on “20 inches later

  1. I’ve not done any rugs yet so I can’t sympathize with you. All I can say is that it really looks good.

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