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Guild Meeting – Green is the new black

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We had a wonderful Guild meeting last night with guest speaker Dawn K. Forde. She talked about recycling, reusing, repurposing materials. All sorts of materials: plastic bags, socks, t-shirts, blue jeans, curtains, paper, and more. To her, fabric is everywhere! She showed us samples of her bags woven with plastic which you can see on her web site. It takes about 60 plastic bags to weave one tote bag! She demonstrated how to ready the plastic bags for weaving, cutting and tying into loops essentially. Her warp is cotton, usually in random multiple hues of one color.

I was so inspired, listening to her! And I felt affirmed in using the rags I was using for my rug which happen to be old curtains. I realized that weaving with rags is not limited to rugs but I could weave bags and placemats with rags! I am so excited about that because weaving the rug is really beating me and my loom up! I will persevere but I won’t do another rug on this loom.

Many new members last night, lots of laughter, and heads bent to share stories. Wonderful.

But. I don’t think I’ll tell the neighbors quite yet that I want all their plastic bags and rags!

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