My journey into the world of weaving

Rug is done!


Off the loom, stray ends cut, and fringed! And lying in place.


I pondered the fringing for a while, trying several different approaches and ended with this.


The fringe is about 3 inches long.

I am pleased with the rug! It is 79 inches in length – perfect! I’m glad it’s not longer. It is 26 inches in width.

I gave my loom some TLC this afternoon: dusting, tightening, soothing words. It is ready for the next project which will be scarves using my handspun for the weft! Pattern to be decided as I wind the warp into balls and then warping.

Whew. I will not be doing another rug on this loom. I will try to do some more weaving with rags but on smaller projects. That was fun!

3 thoughts on “Rug is done!

  1. The rug looks great, I love the colors and the strip pattern!

  2. You did an excellent job with your rug, it’s wonderful! Weaving a rug is on my list of things to weave next but I have to admit I’m a bit nervous about attempting it. I’m currently weaving bath towels, maybe I’ll try when these are done.

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