My journey into the world of weaving

Second scarf

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I’m more than half way done with the second scarf. Weaving with my handspun is still fun. This is a simple scarf and going very quickly, when I am weaving! I am actually surprised with the warp – I thought I would have ends breaking left and right and only have had the one. It is stretchy.

When I get to the more than halfway done on a project, I need to start on the next! I am doing another set of placemats – 8 actually – with the sherbert clay colors. The huck lace will be done with the darker color so that should be interesting.

I am spinning up the last of the roving I purchased a few weeks ago and that is going well. My sister and I have pretty much decided upon a Louet. We are both spinning the same with the same needs fortunately! We can happily share the wheel. I think we’ll have the wheel in a week or at least I’ll order it then!

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