My journey into the world of weaving

Scarves off the loom!


I am very happy with these scarves! Each measures 5.5 in width and one is 65 inches long; the other is 64.5! They are the first scarves that I have used my own handspun!


The gradations of color add a whimsical feel to the scarves, I think. You don’t know what the next range will be!

scarf gradations

The original “name” of the dyed roving I purchased was “wildflowers”. I think these scarves capture a little of the wildness!

The scarves also show my progress in spinning. I started with the earlier handspun which was definitely novelty in nature; the last skein showed my improved consistency in spinning. Not that it isn’t still novelty! Just a more refined novelty yarn!

I need to fringe, wet finish, dry, and snip odd ends and the scarves will be done!

I will finish spinning a skein today and do a little more of the next warp!

And tomorrow is a holiday! A walk to view the flags in the cemetary is in order.

3 thoughts on “Scarves off the loom!

  1. I just got back online today and am trying to get caught up. The scarves are great! Aren’t those color changes fun to weave? 🙂

  2. Isn’t weaving with hanspun fun?! Have you washed and pressesd yet? The scarves get still softer when you do. Use LOTS of steam!

  3. Thanks, Leigh and Peg! They have been washed and are drying now. I’ll take pictures when they are ALL done!

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