My journey into the world of weaving

Bookmarks on loom!

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I’ve got a warp for bookmarks on the loom. I’m using up stash so the warp is a mix of the pearl cotton and rayon. 60 ends. The bookmarks will be about 2 inches wide and 7 in length with a half inch of fringe at each end. The pattern is “wall of Troy”. I think I’ll be making a lot of bookmarks! That’s good because I do have some stash to use up.

I received the fiber I needed to finish warping the placemats. So that project is all ready for the loom.

And I just signed up for hand spindling class! I figure I am ready for that challenge and I’ll need it when the wheel is with my sister! I am spinning with the rental still, playing around with whorls and tension. I know the theory behind getting a warp fiber – we’ll see if I can actually implement!

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