My journey into the world of weaving

Signed up for drop spindle lessons!

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I am signed up to take a drop spindle class tomorrow and the next Saturday at A Loom with a View. Now that my sister and I have purchased our spinning wheel, I am already thinking about when I won’t have the wheel! I figure the drop spindle will keep the spinning memory alive! So I look forward to that.

Meanwhile, the bookmarks are on the loom still. I think I have warp for A LOT of bookmarks! I’ll post pictures this weekend. It’s quick weaving.

And I am still spinning on the Louet rental. I have some fiber that I thought was pretty green but it seems to have more blues. I’ll post pictures. It’s interesting to see the variations and I like the colors. I am playing around with tension, whorls, and speed. I’m trying to learn what different techniques feel like.

I should get in a lot of fiber activity, including the class!

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