My journey into the world of weaving

Fiber updates

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The spinning lesson went well. I was pleased that I could actually get spun yarn on the spindle! My spindle is a Louet. Don’t you just love these sheep?


Here I’ve spun a bit:


Following the instructions in the booklet, I learned a Peruvian trick for plying! It was almost a disaster as instead of two clear ends to work from, I had three! but I figured out the right ends for the trick and plyed up a bit.

Meanwhile on the Louet spinning wheel, I have this on the bobbin:


When I bought the fiber, I could have sworn there were greens it! I like the grays and blues though.

Then finally weaving. I have done 6 bookmarks. It goes quickly. I’m not sure how many I’ll have but it’s a lot!


I found myself picking up the knitting needles and wondering if I would remember. I think I cast on a couple of stitches and then thrust them away! I think I have a few projects going and don’t need to pick up another!


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