My journey into the world of weaving

Second spindle lesson


Leah’s agenda was to teach us to ply with the spindle. Of course, I had already experimented with this! I explained how I used the Peruvian trick. She told me the Peruvians would laugh at me, that they do use this but only at the end for a short bit! It did work well for me.

She showed how to ply from one ball and then two. She showed a lot of different fibers and tools. I learned how to use a nostepinne which I can see being labor intensive and slow. Hence the ball winder. First on my list to get. Second is probably a skeinwinder.

After plying what I had and skeining it off, I spun some more, getting more and more comfortable. And really liking it.

I’m thinking tomorrow will be a weaving day.

2 thoughts on “Second spindle lesson

  1. Oh, so you’re spindling now! I really need to get caught up on my blog reading. I confess I’m a wheel spinner, rather than a spindle spinner. I keep telling myself I should get back to it (that’s how I first learned to spin) but I never do.

  2. I think I learned that they are similar and when I don’t have my wheel because it is with my sister, the co-owner, I can still spin!

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