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Two years blogging and going strong

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I began this blog in May of 2007! Seeing Peg’s post on her two year anniversary made me look at when I began my blog! And it had almost slipped by me!

This post will be my 300th. I have no idea if that is a lot or not. I have tried to update a couple of times a week. Sometimes less, often more.

I have 400 comments – some of them are my responses to commenters. I am so grateful for visitors to my blog and for your comments! As Peg noted in her post, that does take time so I am glad you do take the time!

I enjoy blogging – it is a way of reflecting on what I am doing. And it is being part of a virtual group. I would never have met any of you if I hadn’t blogged!

So thank you! Happy reading! Happy blogging!

One thought on “Two years blogging and going strong

  1. I’m glad my post reminded you! I find it quite amazing that I have kept this up for two years and continue to enjoy blogging more and more.

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