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A tale of two ends

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I had to add two ends to my warp. Fortunately or not, they are right next to each other. Unfortunately, I reversed threaded them! I didn’t catch this threading error until I had woven two inches of the “plain” weave of the pattern. When I sat back to view my work, then I saw the error! I followed the ends to my two friends.

threading error

I pondered for a bit what I should do. Unweave? It wasn’t much but I like my tension. I’ve got an even fell.

Since these ends are already hanging off the back I decided to cut them and thread them correctly. I’ve done this and checked my threading.

I have woven now two inches of the pattern and enough of the plain again to see all is well. For now.


So onward!

One thought on “A tale of two ends

  1. That’s exactly what I do when that happens! You did it very well. Can’t even tell anything was ever amiss.

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