My journey into the world of weaving

Weaving continues on placemats

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I am on number 3. I had attributed a lot of the broken ends to the humidity in the air and the extra slubbiness of the fiber. The first may no longer hold true but it is still slubby! The friction going through the reed results in the end breaking or near breaking. I am watching 2 ends now and I fully expect to be dealing with them. Right now, I have no broken ends!

I am on vacation this week so I hope to finish these placemats. I need to plan and prepare the next project. I have a couple of ideas in mind. I just need to sit down and think and plan!

I do have one big project for the not too distant future and that is weaving curtains for our family cottage! I was thinking of using the same fiber I am using for the placemats but not now. I want something a little less finicky!

We are still waiting for our spinning wheel to arrive! It should within the next couple of weeks. We are returning the rentals next weekend – we’ve had them long enough! My sister has an opportunity with an Ashford Traditional so she may try that out and see if she likes it. We will be attending the Fiber Revival and fully expect to be totally inspired!

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