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Placemats – 5 done

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I have completed 5 of the 8 placemats. This one went pretty smoothly; maybe began with a couple of broken ends but the rest went well.

I have planned my next project and actually have warped it. It is going to be a “wall hanging” if all goes well for my office which badly needs color and things on the wall. The pattern is warp rep, from a Handwoven, Jan/Feb, 2006.

Already I have strayed from the color order and I suspect that will impact the pattern. But I didn’t have the colors suggested in the magazine and I wasn’t sure I had enough so I improvised some of the color order as I warped.

So it will be an “artistic” wall hanging! I don’t have much at stake here, only 3 yards. I just want to weave a lot of colors and that’s what I am going to do!

I will still follow the tie up and treadling for warp rep and see what that gives me.

I still have to finish the placemats!

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