My journey into the world of weaving

Placemats off the loom

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With a slight disappointment. The last placemat is shorter than the others by a few inches. I ran out of warp! I think I know what I did. I readjusted the length in the beginning of the placemats and of course could not readjust the length of the warp!

This is a project I am glad is off the loom. I have never had so many broken ends! At the end, I had 8 ends hanging off the back: 2 selvedge, the 2 added ends, and 4 broken ends! It was always the lighter fiber that broke. The darker never did. And so much lint! A lot got caught up in the reed; I de-linted several times.

I have to baste each end (that is 16 hems!) and then wash them. I do think 7 of the mats are close enough in measured length to constitute a set or two!

I have placed the next project on the loom: the wall hanging. It is definitely an experiment!

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