My journey into the world of weaving

Some readjustment

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I’ve been away most of the weekend but this afternoon I sleyed the 10 dent reed. The yarn is very thick; the sett is 6. Even sleying every other dent was not effective. For my floor loom, the 10 dent is the largest dent reed I have.

So I remembered that one of the reeds I have for the table loom is 8 dent! And it does fit the floor loom. However, not quite wide enough. I have ended up not sleying 4 ends in all.

There is still friction but at least I can move the beater back and forth!

I need to do tie up and then figure out the treadling sequence. I think this piece will be rather creative which is a nice way of saying I’m not sure what I am doing. Once I get weaving I promise pictures.

Now I feel comfortable enough to start planning the next project. I would like to use some handspun!

No spinning wheel yet. Hopefully in the next week or two.

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