My journey into the world of weaving

A fresh start


I cut the warp off the loom! I cut it because it was not a thing of beauty, it was not weaving smoothly (wrong reed and wrong yarns), and it had no real focus. It was in essence giving me no pleasure and it has made me drag myself to the loom for the last few weeks and make a half-hearted attempt to make a go of it.

So I cut it off! I can save the ends for something, I am sure, so all is not lost.

It’s a good time to organize my stash and see what I have. It’s a good time to warp the next project which will be another set of scarfs with some handspun! It’s a lesson learned. I don’t feel anything but relief right now! I look forward to weaving something again which will give me pleasure!

In the meantime, I have been spinning up a storm on my new wheel! I am spinning worsted with hopes it can be a warp but mostly just experiencing smooth spinning.

4 thoughts on “A fresh start

  1. Wow, I completely understand that sense of relief. The anxiety related to projects gone wrong can be overwhelming and paralyzing. Good to clear the air (and loom) for other things! Yay!

  2. That has to have been a tough decision. That you are so relieved means it was definitely the right decision.

  3. Paralyzing is an apt description – I really wasn’t moving anywhere, certainly not ahead! And, yes, the relief does indicate a good decision! So onward!

  4. I’ve only done this a couple of times and always with anguish first…. and relief after!

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