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Such a fiberous weekend!

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Whew! The weekend of fiber began with my sister arriving on Friday. We immediately dove into all of our fiber stashes, brought out the wheels, and did some spinning. The wheels are the Louet we purchased together and then what was then her mystery wheel which had been given to her in pieces. More on that later!

The afternoon flew, lots of exchanges going back and forth. Before we knew it, time for bed.

Then on Saturday we went to the Fiber Revival in Newburyport. This was the third year of this small festival of fiber fanatics! It is a small affair but packed with spinners, weavers, and fiber! When I went last year, I had not yet begun to spin. I spent maybe 2 hours there. This year, my sister and I managed to hang in for over 4! Talking to everyone! So many wheels to see! Lots of fiber to touch!

And then the mystery spinning wheel. We brought it with us. We asked who would know a lot about wheels and that brought us to Marcie! She sat down with the wheel, talked about the different parts. She observed it was not old – screws and hinges indicated a more modern wheel. She immediately did identify it as a New Zealand wheel and advised us to check a web site called New Zealand spinning wheels and their makers to further identify it. She spun on the wheel and see the wheel was a good one! Not a production wheel but definitely one which can spin! (I had yet to make it work for me!) Marcie was a fountain of spinning knowledge and we just absorbed it all.

So yes, when we got home, we checked that site and discovered indeed that the wheel is from New Zealand, probably made in the 70s and is a wheel called the Sleeping Beauty Wheel!

Perhaps because of this information, I was finally able to spin on the wheel. Definitely more effort to treadle than the Louet. My sister has put a lot of work into the wheel – she is thinking of buying it from the owners, offering about 75.00. Then maybe when she has the Louet, I’ll have this wheel. Maybe. I’m not all that enchanted with it yet.

We bought an alpaca fleece together that my sister will get processed for spinning. We also each purchased lots of roving. I got some Merino, a little bit of alpaca, and some silk alpaca merino. The Merino is multi-colored and I am going to play around in spinning it! Try for different effects!


We met the wife of our second cousin at the Fiber Revival! I had never met Donna but she is a weaver! and she left the Festival with a drop spindle! She is going to join the NOBO Guild!

So I have lots to spin and I better get going because the Louet goes to my sister the end of September!

One thought on “Such a fiberous weekend!

  1. Your problem might lie in the fact that the Sleeping Beautyis a double drive wheel. If you’re not used to them, they can be a bit fussy to adjust. A bit more time and practice on it, and you should be fine.

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