My journey into the world of weaving

Time is flying!

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I seriously don’t know where the time has gone. August is more than half gone!
The weekends have been busy with family events.

I have been spinning during the evenings. I spun up some gray merino and now I’m spinning some dyed corridale. The idea is to ply them together! I have the wheel until September 24th and then it goes to my sister so I feel I have to spin spin spin!

I bought 14 Handwovens online at 2.00 an issue which I thought was a good deal! Only 2 duplicates! The content is rich – lots to absorb.

After this weekend, I will have 4 weekends at home! I will get going on the scarves again. I am near the end with the first, the weft is my handspun. I won’t have enough for two scarves so I may just weave the weft same as the warp! And do a different treadle.

So while I haven’t been weaving a lot, I have had many a musing!

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