My journey into the world of weaving

Rain means no guilt!

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That is, I can weave and I can spin without guilt on a rainy day!

Today I watched the Kennedy service on TV and spun. I finished spinning the colored corriedale and began to ply it with the gray merino. It is looking nice! And the service was historic. My sister was there! She was one of 4 sopranos singing in the Tanglewood Festival Choir! So I spun, watched, and listened.

I have begun weaving the second scarf. The weft is the same as the warp – I’ve never done that before! But this silk alpaca combination is lovely and soft. I am doing a variation of the broken twill. So I should be done with this in fairly short order!

I am also preparing the warp for the next project – it’s actually from the latest Handwoven. One of the projects has you using up all your stash ends! So I am warping a multi-colored warp with a variety of thicknesses and fiber. Mostly cotton, cotton mixes but a little rayon thrown in. Could be interesting. It could also be narrower than the project calls for but that’s ok.

So it felt good to do some fiber activities today! With more planned for tomorrow, even if the forecast is for a better day. I’m on a roll!

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