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Keep the Fleece/World’s longest scarf

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Margaret Russell at our NOBO Guild has been facilitating the weaving of this project. She writes here that we are near our goal of 600.00. It’s a good cause, supporting Heifer International.

If you feel so inclined, visit Keep the Fleece and check out all the teams and their work! If so moved, donate and mark your donation to NOBO Handweavers!

One thought on “Keep the Fleece/World’s longest scarf

  1. Thank you Susan! This is truly a worthwhile fiber endeavor on a grand scale. What better time to provide for farmers in need, within our own country and those farther away, with the opportunity to raise fiber animals and learn the management/care of them. Heifer International is a long-standing, reputable organization that has reached 8.5 million families in more than 125 countries! Fiber has an extraordinary way of benefiting all of us on many levels.

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