My journey into the world of weaving

The dishtowels have morphed into washcloths!

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I thought I had tons of stash to work with! It certainly seemed like the drawer where I keep my stash was full to the gunnels.

But I have run out. The width was supposed to be 20 inches on the loom; I made it to 15. So readjustment! They will be washcloths – facecloths! They should match anyone’s towel collection as they are so multi-colored.

As to weft, I have just ordered some 5/2 pearl cotton. If I am ready to weave before it comes, I have some to do a sample or two.

Actually feeling relief with making a decision and having a definite direction for this project.

I also ordered some alpaca silk for more scarves to go with a couple of my handspun skeins.

On the backburner, I am puzzling over a curtain pattern which in the Handwoven it says advanced beginner. I still consider myself a beginner – how much of the advanced is really advanced?

And I am also seeking a tunic pattern. I’m seeing a lot of ideas and am realizing I will have to adapt.

Weaving is very much a multi-task activity!

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