My journey into the world of weaving

Face cloths begin!

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This project has evolved through a few stages. The idea came out of the latest Handwoven (S/O 2009, p. 34). There were a bunch of patterns to use up stash which I thought was a good idea. Dishtowels seemed to be a doable project; I like waffle weave!

However, I ran out of stash, unbelievably. So the dishtowels became face cloths! I had run out of stash even for the weft so I ended up buying something new for that.

No real problems in dressing the loom except the ends were pretty tangly. I sleyed two ends in a 12 dent, regardless of thickness. One of the points in doing this project is to see what happens and the original pattern encouraged mixing and matching. Which I did – mostly cotton but some rayon.

waffle weave face cloths

I have woven a hem area with I think is 10/2 cotton. It’s thinner than the weft, also a different color but that will be OK.

I am pleased thus far! I like all the colors and I like the pattern. I like it when my weaving interests me and takes me a little by surprise, in a good way.


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