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Guild meeting – Ralf Hartwell

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Last night was the NOBO Guild meeting at A Loom with a View.

Ralf Hartwell spoke to us about tartans. Turns out Mr. Hartwell designed and created the New Hampshire tartan! He has been weaving tartans for about 40 years! He displayed the N.H. tartan with his kilt which he wasn’t wearing and his vest which he was! With wry humor and a definite grasp of his topic, he kept the group engaged for about an hour. One thing that sticks with me is that all tartans are plaid but not all plaid are tartans! Turns out he lives in my home town but not for long. He will move to a senior housing soon which happens to be moments away from where I work! Lovely man and I am inspired to weave tartans!

One thought on “Guild meeting – Ralf Hartwell

  1. I love your waffle weave stash buster towels. Beautiful colors!

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