My journey into the world of weaving

So many projects, so little time!


Actually, I have a few days off so I do have time!

The face cloths are off the loom, washed, and waiting to be hemmed.

face cloths

I have begun spinning with the fiber that I have cleaned, washed, and carded into little rolags. Here are my rolags:


Here is some spun:


The Beauty has become my friend – we are definitely at ease with each other and productive!

And finally here the warp for the scarves has begun to dress the loom!


So today I have spun, carded, sewed, washed, and probably more! Busy! Fun busy.

4 thoughts on “So many projects, so little time!

  1. I am still having Beauty longings! Louet and I are sparring. I have taken the Coopworth that I bought already washed and carded and proceeded to mordant and then with just those regular little flower petals out and about here I have come up with matter dye that is purple, green, lemon and the most yummy earthy rooty orangy tone. I used sumac seed, purple aster and a yellow and rust very tall plant ( not in that order !) that I have yet to ID. I needed to majorly re- pre – draft before spinning but , good news, no felting after two boils. And I spun it up. yay.
    Suny, your photos are really great. l, m

  2. Temptress! I love the face cloths and can see the same thing in dish cloths, which I sorely need.

  3. I love the face cloths too! Makes me wish I could get to my loom and yarns, and have a dust free environment for Christmas weaving. *sigh* Maybe next year.

  4. They are finally finished – hemmed and washed! I’ll post a picture later!

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