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New scarves begun


I have begun the new scarves. The warp is 80% alpaca/ 20% silk (Deerfield Valley yarns); the weft is my handspun, a mixture of corriedale and merino. The dyed fiber is called “papaya perfection”.

I was inspired by a recent conversation with Dave Daniels and Margaret Russell to try plain weave. I actually don’t think I have woven this since my first practice piece! Margaret likes plain weave – the warp and weft don’t battle each other but truly work together. I thought this would be good for my handspun.

So plain weave it is. The scarves are 7 inches wide on the loom and will be 70 inches in length each with 8 inch fringe.

plain weave

I was almost inspired by Dave to use my handspun for both warp and weft! But not quite yet.

4 thoughts on “New scarves begun

  1. Susan, the worst that will happen with a handspun warp is the same thing that can happen with any warp: you might have some warp breakage. A broken warp can be easily fixed. The only (slightly) tricky part is winding the warp because handspun wool is very stretchy. I try to use as little tension as I can but still keep the tension even. Even so, I count on quite a bit of loss lengthwise because of the stretching and retracting factors. There is nothing like a scarf woven entirely of handspun. courage!

  2. I’ve only used handspun as stripes in a warp, so I don’t know how it does in general. Plain weave, though, has an amazing number of possibilities. Isn’t it funny how we set it aside all too soon in our weaving journeys?

  3. I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I love the simplicity of plain weave.

  4. Thank you all for your comments! I am enjoying the plain weave and I don’t see any conflict between the warp and weft!

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