My journey into the world of weaving

First scarf almost there

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I am almost 60 inches into the first scarf, aiming for 70. The width has been steady at just over 6 inches wide. Plain weave is an easy treadle and could lead to mindless weaving but I have been focusing on the selvedge. It’s when I am distracted you can see the selvedge get uneven. So even though the treadling is easy, I do need to keep alert. There are no floating selvedges to keep track of either. I am enjoying the weaving and do get into a rhythm.

I am spinning more of the fiber that I have carded. Then I’ll ply some of it. I am no where near to the end of carding it all! I did finish washing. I am kind of hoping a friend does come through with the promise of a drum carder so I can get it all done.

I am going to be more than ready to spin something else – I do have a rather large stash! I am considering what would spin well on the Beauty, thinking of her slower approach.

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