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Changing of the wheels

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My sister was here last night and brought the Louet. We decided to switch wheels now and then again at Thanksgiving. Plus the Beauty needs some tuning up which Meredith has a talent for. So I am looking forward to some very fast spinning with the Louet!

The tune up involves investigating a knocking noise as you treadle. It is somewhere towards the middle of the wheel. The drive belt had broken on me the day before and it broke again last night as M was spinning so that is fixed. She needs to determine if noise is “important”. Does it, will impact performance of the wheel? As I said, she is good at troubleshooting that kind of thing.

One thought on “Changing of the wheels

  1. Sounds like fun. I had a knocking noise while I treadled with my Kromski. Turned out to be the footmen were hitting. I’m sure your sis will figure it out and fix it for you!

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