My journey into the world of weaving

Scarf update and more

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I am more than halfway through the weaving of the second scarf. I love the different subtle color variations of the homespun. I should be finishing this scarf soon.

So of course the next project is ready for the warping board. Yes, another set of scarves. The warp is black Deerfield Valley yarn (80% alpaca; 20% silk). The weft is more handspun – a green blue variated. I think I’ll weave plain weave again. Can’t have too many scarves, right?

(Added note: I had considerable loom waste with this set of scarves so I am shortening the warp length for the next set!)

I am spinning right along with the wool from the Fair. It has some alpaca in it because of the luster and softness. I have to admit, I love the Louet’s ease in treadling and speed. It took me a bit to get reacquainted after the slow measured treadling of the Beauty.

I may not be posting a lot these days but I am still deep into fiber! My sister and I are waiting very impatiently for our alpaca fleece from the Fiber Revival to be returned to us cleaned and ready to spin. I’m not sure what or why the delay but we’re going on almost 2 months.

And I can’t believe it’s November!

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