My journey into the world of weaving

Weaving with handspun!


I am weaving with handspun! Both warp and weft! I owe this step to Peg whose latest posts on weaving her handspun inspired me and also made me feel able to do this. Thank you, Peg!

I got this fiber from the Commonground Fair in September. It is mostly wool with some alpaca in it. I spun it as intentionally as I could to be strong. So far it is not letting me down.

It was a little tricky to get the right tension. I know Peg used a temple; I still don’t own one of those – that might be something to acquire and learn to use this year!

Once the tension got settled, I began to weave. Weaving with all handspun is very different! There’s a real character to it! Meaning, the selvedges seem a little more uneven. What has helped dramatically is using Peg’s method, posted here. I am seeing greater consistency.


I am weaving in plain weave. I figured I shouldn’t challenge myself too much!

handspun weaving

This will be just the one scarf. So I know already I have to be thinking of the next project!

Weaving and spinning are almost therapeutic for me these days. To get lost in the world of fiber and only to think about spin or selvedges is welcome.

4 thoughts on “Weaving with handspun!

  1. Congratulations! I am so glad I could encourage you in this.

  2. Absolutely you did! Your postings on yours were invaluable.

  3. Your scarf is beautiful!

  4. Good for you Susan! It’s really looking good.

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