My journey into the world of weaving

Weaving continues

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I am away from my loom more than I want to be but I look forward to this weekend! I suspect the scarf will be done this weekend so now I am thinking of the next project. I have been wanting to do “cloth” so I can sew “clothing”! There’s a nice tunic in a May/June 2001 Handwoven issue I could follow…or…just make it up as I go along. Tempted to do that. I have some 3/2 pearl cotton, which actually might be happier as a jacket or something. Thinking….

I also want to buy some basic fibers for the coming year – build up my stash once more!

So I am thinking and puzzling. I’m also still spinning – working on some roving that I bought at the Commonground Fair.

I am away every other weekend for a bit so my reports will be a bit scarcer. But weaving is always in my thoughts!

One thought on “Weaving continues

  1. Cool that you’re thinking of making clothing – and cool that you might be able to make it to the Fuzz Fest in Exeter!!


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