My journey into the world of weaving

Winter Fuzz Fest

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I went to the Winter Fuzz Fest in Exeter, N.H. today! I got there at 10:00 when it was supposed to be open and it was already packed with folks!

I immediately was drawn to Patricia and the Treeditions table! She showed weaving with plants. Stems of plants harvested, washed, dried, and then dampened in order to weave them. The finished product was available. Very inspiring!

From there, to Riverslea Farm where there was a lot of spinning action. Many spinners with all sorts of experience. I saw two Kromski Minstrels, a Louet or two, and a Schact Matchles. That’s the first time I have seen one! It’s a heavy wheel but looks nice and smooth. The bobbin was a good size too.

I bought three balls of roving from Riverslea:


The gray is all llama! The purplish one has mohair and the pinkish has alpaca. I am already itching to spin!

I saw my friends Kathy and Hal at the Angora Hutch, out of Haverhill. Hal was spinning right of off one of the angora rabbits! There was a crowd around him the whole time!

Other stops included Solidago Farm, the Diva Weaver, NOBO Handweavers (of course!), and Parker River Alpaca Farm. It is probably a good thing I didn’t know there was book store vendor there!

All wonderful and so very stimulating to talk to other weavers and spinners!

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