My journey into the world of weaving

My birthday loom!


Today is my birthday and I bought the loom! Half of it is in my home and the other half is at my mother’s until next weekend.

It is beautiful. It seems to be very sturdy and well built. My sister and I met at the seller’s home and we spent a very nice hour and a half plus with Marianne, Gar, and Miriam. Lots of commonality, some connections with people, and just a general sense of ease and friendship.

The loom itself was dismantled and carried out to our cars. I was so happy that it could come home with me! at least most of it.

Pictures will follow. I have to do a certain amount of furniture moving to make a place for it. It takes the place of my 32″ Tools of the Trade which will go upstairs in our bedroom which will displace a bureau which…. You get the idea!

So now I own three looms! inclusive of a table loom.

6 thoughts on “My birthday loom!

  1. happy birthday and what a nice present to buy yourself! enjoy!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday and …. a big hooray on your growing loom inventory! I just knew you would take hold of the fiber world and run with it!

  3. Happy Birthday and congratulations on your new loom!

  4. Hi! I am looking for a picture of the back beam brake on a 32″ Tools of the Trade loom we are trying to set up. Can you help us? Thanks in advance for any help you can give us!

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