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Weekend fiber plans

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A weekend at home! and a gorgeous one to boot! I will do all the required yard work but I do have fiber plans.

This afternoon, I am picking up the Ashford Traditional wheel from my friend – for the second time! I feel far more confident as a spinner, now that I have months on the Louet and a sprinkling on the Beauty. I am taking the wheel next weekend to Melodi at Portland Fiber Gallery for her to look at and make sure it is all together properly. It’s been years since it’s been used so this is a good thing to do.

Then tomorrow which promises to be a little less fabulous weather-wise, I am beginning my project on the Norwood. I am planning to weave 3 towels out of 3/2 cotton. The pattern is chosen (Handwoven, September/October 2003). I am beginning to prepare the warp on the warping board. I don’t know why it has taken this long to get to this point. I have been a rather quick weaver, moving easily from project to project. But I am there now. I can’t wait to weave again!

I am still spinning the white alpaca on the Louet. The whole idea of getting the Ashford is to allow the Louet to go to the other owner, my sister. So I want to finish this skein and then hopefully with the Ashford to keep me company, off the Louet goes!

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