My journey into the world of weaving

The warp is on – slow going

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I am still sorting out the ends into the raddle. I did attach two metal tie on rods and I am pleased – this part seems familiar. What doesn’t seem familiar is the fact that the warp will be beamed going around the beam in front and then around, rather than in back and then coming around. So I am puzzling how to put in the paper. It seems backwards but I can understand why because of it being a sectional warp beam. I know once I figure it out, I’ll be fine.

I’m away this weekend but I am bringing up the Ashford Traditional (owned right now by Margaret Russell) for a look see by Melodi Hackett (Portland Fiber Gallery). I think it’s a good wheel but may need a good tweak by someone who knows wheels! I’m hoping this can be the wheel to keep me occupied whilst the Louet goes to my sister, the other owner. So we’ll see.

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