My journey into the world of weaving

The Ashford is mine!

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I took the Ashford up to Portland Fiber Gallery so Melodi could take a spin, so to speak. She did, beautifully, I might add, and then looked at me and said so what’s the problem? Apparently none! It needs some tender lovin’ oiling, replace the Scotch tension line, and most of all use! So I am now the owner of an Ashford Traditional, thanks to Margaret Russell, the first and only other owner. And the Louet can go off to be with its other owner, my sister!

I also asked Melodi about beaming the warp on the Norwood. She said to use the pegs as guides and beam away! No paper. As Margaret said, this will be one orderly warp! I do think I need an extra pair of hands so I’ll need to book my husband sometime this weekend for that experience. I will take pictures – it is definitely a different experience but the same all at the same time!

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