My journey into the world of weaving

Threading the heddles!

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I beamed the warp (took off the raddle a little too soon), counted and sorted the heddles, and have begun to thread them.

I had to figure out how to raise the shafts so I could thread the heddles without undue physical hardship. Unlike my Tools, I can’t lower the front beam to get closer to the heddles. I just want everything at the same level so my arms aren’t strained.

I knew these weaving books would come in handy!

shafts raised

All seems quite familiar and then a little unfamiliar at the same time. Threading the heddles is going well, a little slowly. There are a lot of ends!


I really like the ease of the shafts. It’s easy to add heddles and easy to move and sort them. I still have to get used to the two dividers (instead of one) and how the heddles will fall. But I am sure it will all get sorted out.

I spent some time with my new wheel – the Ashford Traditional. I gave her a good tung oil rubbing, replaced the Scotch tension fish wire, and the leather joint at the treadle. She’s a pretty little thing!


And I am anxious to spin on her. I am finishing up an alpaca skein on the Louet – almost done plying.

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