My journey into the world of weaving

Beginning to sley the reed

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And that seems to be going well. In fact, I don’t think there is anything different with this step! so it should go fairly quickly once I get going which won’t be for a day or two.

Tie up is a lot different. I don’t have enough tie up chains and they tie up so differently! I did discover that Norwood looms are no longer made. When I went to their web site and called the number, WEBS answered! They said they had bought out Norwood but the loom is discontinued. Good customer service though: Linda tried to find me some chains but couldn’t. Her suggestions: go to a hardware store and match the chain to what’s there and use a washer for the end OR buy some cord to make the tie ups. I have some twine for now which for now will do the trick. (If anyone has any ideas, let me know!)

I began spinning on the Ashford and she is a spinning! There is some adjustment but once I get going, seems to go well. Still oiling a lot and that has helped. So I look forward to my spinning adventures on the Ashford. The Louet goes up to Maine today!

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