My journey into the world of weaving

Actual weaving has commenced!

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This has felt like a long journey. I bought the Norwood on February 21 and just about a month later I began to warp and dress the loom.

There have been some bumps, but nothing at all serious, and I need to say that I like this loom! It is big! You may hear me say that again.

Beaming the warp was different. I am using the sectional warp pegs to divide the warp. This is in lieu of rolling paper. This worked nicely! Makes me think that actual sectional warping is something to consider in the future.

The shafts were next. Each shaft is divided into 3 sections. I wasn’t at all sure how to decide how many heddles to use in each section and that even changed after I threaded the heddles. Fortunately, it is easy to move the heddles between sections. The shafts seem very accessible!

Sleying the reed was no different – just lots of ends. This loom is big!

Tying up the treadles became the biggest bump in the road. The loom came with a variety of chains, some rusted, some too short. I posted a question to the Online Spinning and Weaving Guild about what I should do. Help came in an email from
Cyndi Jara-Almonte, a weaver with obvious experience. I don’t know anything about her. Googling her does place her in Wisconsin as a weaving instructor. Her advice was to purchase texsolv cord and use that. I did buy some and cut some lengths to tie up the treadles. Mostly very easy and quickly done. Thank you, Cyndi! I did receive other responses so my gratitude to all the weavers who lend their help to that discussion board.

Finally I was ready to tie onto the front rod which is actually a piece of wood. The bump here was that the rod was tied slightly crookedly. I learned a lot about knots and ropes in a short amount of time but got the rod to be even.

I tied on the ends, wove a header with tissue paper, and then wove an inch or so into the pattern. Hemstitching is called for and I have begun that and realized how long it has been! I felt a tad rusty!

But now I can say weaving has commenced and I am pleased so far. There’s still some getting used to. This is a big loom! But throwing the shuttle is smooth and the sheds are decent. I am anxious to continue but a break sounds good too.

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