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Project Bath Towels

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I’m not sure I have actually said what I was weaving! I am doing a set of bath towels in a spot weave with warp and weft floats. (Sept/Oct 2003 Handwoven, p. 53)

To back track a little. Here is a picture of the texsolv cords:


Then tying onto the front beam:

tying on



Weaving progress:


And finally no project goes without a broken end!

broken end

I am also planning a project on the TOTT – alpaca scarves!

One thought on “Project Bath Towels

  1. Your bath towel post is an inspiration…I just (yesterday) cut a black and white bamboo and handspun cormo scarf off the loom (second time weaving it but first time with cormo) I was on the fence about dressing my larger loom with a warp for spot weave bath towels (handwoven sept/oct 2003…After seeing yours, I’ve decided to dress the loom today and get them done…The warps have been wound for a long time, thanks for this little push 🙂

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