My journey into the world of weaving

Ready to begin weaving!

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The loom is dressed, the selvedge ends are in place, the bobbins are wound, and I can begin weaving the blanket tomorrow. I hear all my wonderful weaver friends tutting about doing a sample first but it’s taken me so long to get this on! I’m diving in and considering the whole piece a sample! I know I will learn a lot.

I have already used a couple of tips and tricks that I learned at the NOBO Handweaver’s Guild on Thursday.

One – to clip the heddles to the side with an actual binder clip! Works like a charm and those pesky loose heddles should stay out of my way!

Two – to organize the selvedge ends with a piece of cardboard with holes. Hope this works. I’m sure it will.

And three – haven’t done this yet but will employ Sue Jones’ tip of weaving the header with just 3 picks! Looked easy!

Pictures to come once I get going on this piece.

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