My journey into the world of weaving

Some weaving this weekend


I have woven 24 inches thus far. I was having some tension problems but that seems to be resolved. One of the middle ends broke, but that is old hat too.

Draw in seems to be about 3 inches, under tension. And of course the pattern is off center.

But it is very pretty and weaving with the 2 ply wool is very nice.

Also spinning the white alpaca still. I am on my second bobbin. I plan to ply with the Louet.

I have really slowed down from my first years of weaving. This year has seen a lot of change, many more weekends away from home. And it is summer – always less time to weave.

Once I finish the alpaca, that is going on the Tools to be woven into a shawl.

2 thoughts on “Some weaving this weekend

  1. It seems to me that weaving comes in seasons, as do so many other pursuits in life. It’s great that you get at least a little time at it though.

  2. And I treasure every moment, Leigh!

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