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Seacoast Fiber Fest – Sunday, Aug. 15

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I did go to the Seacoast Fiber Fest on Sunday with a friend. It was another gorgeous day.

The Fest was very well organized thanks to Sue Jones! The first thing we did was see a sheep shorn! This was the first time I had seen the complete shearing. The sheep was so compliant – used to this, perhaps. And it doesn’t take long – maybe 5 minutes.

The next thing that happens is that the fleece will be skirted. These particular fleece are fairly clean so there’s not much. Just before fleece is skirted, the strength of the fiber is tested to see if it breaks or not. The fleece that was waiting to be skirted was just fine but a woman showed a sample of what breakage does look like. She also showed a sample of the fleece washed – amazing. The fleece looked yellow but this sample was pretty white!

From there, we visited the booths. We talked to a woman who was hooking rugs. Her teacher was Jan Seavey of Rising Hawk Studio of Henniker. I had never really seen anyone hook a rug before. The woman said she had been working on the rug for several years! I was definitely intrigued but do not need one more fiber activity.

Of course, I saw my friend Kathy Hutchins and her husband Hal of The Angora Hutch. Hal was demonstrating spinning off of his angora rabbit.

I talked to a lot of spinners of course and saw a lot of different wheels, old and new. And I bought some Riverslea fiber which of course I did not need but will add to my growing stash.

All in all, very nice fiber weekend!

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